DAWEI is in the spotlight on the new SPRING ONLINE site

On the program, a space-time journey, in search of unique beauty, made of geometric lines, urban elements and futuristic atmospheres.
“We are delighted and happy to work with Printemps. I am proud to have been chosen by their fashion teams to be part of this project which will no doubt be a great success. With Printemps, we have found a partner who shares the same values ​​of inclusiveness, exclusivity and kindness “& nbsp; said Dawei Sun, designer of the DAWEI label.

DAWEI arrives at Printemps with its easy elegance and its street touch for an online luxury experience, a new look at society based on three principles.

The first, inclusiveness, a free invitation to participate in Spring fashion with a casting reflecting reality; models from all walks of life, from various morphologies and ages. The second, exclusivity manifests itself more classically by presenting 42 brands sold only on the site like DAWEI, Vivienne Westwood, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, Palomo Spain, Universal Standard or Thierry Mugler. And finally, the last pillar, benevolence, aimed at caring for customers via brands that respect nature and / or are sustainable, but also with eco-responsible packaging.